Duke Energy increased Residential Electrcity Rates by 17% this month!

Date: 10/17/2011

With the price of Residential Electricity going up and the price of Propane staying about the same;  This is a great time to consider changing from Electricity to Propane to heat your home, heat your hot water and to cook with. 

Some people are installing propane gas logs to take advantage of propane without changing their furnace.  Gas logs work even when the electricity is off.  Gas logs are a great backup heat source during bad weather.  They are also a great way to reduce your electricity usage if you are using an electric furnace.

Propane water heaters reduce electricity consumption year-round.  Propane water heaters last much longer than electric water heaters.  If your electric water heater breaks down every few years you should consider a more reliable long-lasting propane water heater.

We even have propane powered refrigerators that work without electricity. 

Propane is the ideal fuel to heat your home or business.  It is clean, quiet, and efficient.  People who heat and cook with propane love it. 

If you don't like the idea of your electric bill increasing 17% then call Mooresville Oil and ask about switching to clean, quiet and efficient propane.  704-664-4926