Mooresville Propane Inc. has been delivering Propane to Salisbury NC for Nine years!

Date: 12/19/2011

We had a nice phone call this morning from a longtime resident of Salisbury, North Carolina.  It turns out that she loves the consistent dependable cheerful service she finds at Mooresville Propane.  Mooresville Propane has been supplying her with residential propane in Salisbury, NC for at least nine years.  Mooresville Propane has saved her a lot of money with consistantly great propane prices.

Terry, Propane Manager, at Mooresville Propane said people in Salisbury love Mooresville Propane because of his cheerful delivery staff and their dependable on-time propane deliveries to many Salisbury Residents and Businesses.

The cheerful staff at Mooresville Propane is looking forward to at least nine more years of supplying residential propane and commercial propane to Salisbury North Carolina.

Terry has installed quite a number of new propane tanks in Salisbury NC recently and always looks forward to serving Salisbury propane customers!