The Long Days of Summer are Coming to an End

Date: 10/12/2010

Our winter propane and fuel oil tank fills are beginning.  All of our existing "On Route" customers will be delivered fuel automatically.  We are looking forward to serving everyone again this winter! 

Don't be surprised if you see a Mooresville truck at your location. 

Of course we love to serve new customers also.  Please call today for very competitive pricing and excellent service!  For almost 100 years Mooresville Oil and Mooresville Propane have dedicated themselves to providing the best fuel prices possible. 

We have many new tanks available and would like to set a new tank at your location.  Terry has a variety of sizes of tanks.  Call or stop in to check out some super nice new tanks.  We have above ground propane tanks and underground propane tanks. 

Your Friends at Mooresville Oil;   Charles, Debbie, Mandy, Terry, Wesley and Scott